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Mindfulness & emotional intelligence

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Mindfulness & emotional intelligence

Finding your personal path to a more peaceful, meaningful life

In a world where 10-second grabs are the norm and our brains are geared to focus on pressure and performance, the Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine is hosting a workshop on Mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

The workshop’s convenor, psychiatrist Dr Chris Walsh, a long-time friend and colleague of the late Dr Chris Millar, who passed away in October 2014, will be presenting a workshop that will provide participants with techniques to focus on being in the present, rather than worrying unduly about the past or the future.

Dr Chris Walsh, who has been a mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years, said that the aim of the workshop is to provide participants with basic skills that they can take away with them to practise.

“Like all techniques, whether playing a musical instrument or a game of golf, practice always improves the outcome,” Dr Walsh said.

“Developing emotional intelligence through mindfulness techniques has far-reaching benefits, from home life through to work and recreation,” he said.

“Becoming more emotionally intelligent enhances individual creativity while providing greater cooperative team skills. It helps us interact in a really positive way with our friends, families and colleagues,” Dr Walsh said.

Mindfulness can reduce anxiety and stress, and helps people to focus on what is really important in their lives.

“I work with small groups of people in a non-confrontational way, making them feel confident about their unique qualities and character and using this information to help them reflect on their personal limitations, without being judgmental,” Dr Walsh continued.

Dr Walsh and Dr Millar studied medicine together. Both shared a philosophy of healing the body and mind without necessarily relying on medication. Dr Millar used technology (brainwave biofeedback), Dr Walsh uses relaxation techniques.

It is particularly rewarding to have Dr Walsh present this workshop in Ballarat.

I am very excited that Dr Walsh is running his mindfulness program here. He has an international reputation and has presented his workshops in America, Asia and Europe. 
I’m delighted that the Chris Millar Foundation is hosting this workshop. The Foundation has been established to ensure that my late husband’s work continues. Healing the whole person was fundamental to Chris’ work. One of the Foundation’s aims is to raise funds to provide grants and scholarships for medical practitioners to study and research complementary medicine. The proceeds from the mindfulness workshop will go directly to the Foundation.

Our lives are so busy that we don’t give due consideration to enjoying the moment. I hope that people in the Ballarat community will think that their health is important enough to take some time out for themselves and attend this remarkable workshop.

Date:                          Saturday 10 October

Venue:                       102 English Street, Golden Point, Ballarat

Time:                         1.00 – 5.00pm

Cost:                          $50 members

                                  $60 non-members (incl $10 membership to Foundation)

                                  includes light refreshments

Tickets:             • Search for: Mindfulness Ballarat

Further information:   Kevin Harper, Honorary Secretary, Chris Millar Foundation

                                    5294 0222 or 0430 453 272

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