Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Announcing our new team of GPs


We are fortunate to have found a group of doctors to carry forward the vision of the late Dr Chris Millar



DURING these past 10 months, with the support of the team at Menssana Mindbody Medicine, I have been doing my utmost to maintain a functioning practice and preserve Chris’s philosophy and legacy of healing the whole person.

However, I soon realised that the dream Chris and I envisaged when we established this practice has to be carried forward by a medical professional. Alas, I am not a doctor – I am a practice manager trying to pass on our vision of an integrative practice to those who can carry that vision into the future. To that end, medical advisor Kevin Harper and I have worked tirelessly and searched far and wide to find a permanent doctor who would fit in with the practice vision.

So, to those patients who have stuck with us throughout these turbulent months while we have been looking for suitable candidates I say, “Thank you for your vote of confidence by staying with our practice”. While we have travelled through some choppy and uncertain waters this year, from February next year it will be smoother sailing.

Chris and I held similar views on the kind of practice that would work holistically for the patient. These views are embedded in the very structure of our practice and revolve around the team we have built together.

Early last year Chris and I began planning to expand the practice team to include a mental health nurse (Julie Lock), the Tomatis® Method of audio therapy (Lynne McDonald), and one or more GPs to share his workload. We both realised that the days of the solo-GP practice are well and truly over and that life as a solo GP was not sustainable. We had been looking for a suitable GP for some time.

I am pleased to announce that we at Menssana are incredibly fortunate to have found not one GP, but a group of doctors who will now carry forward Chris’ vision of healing the whole person. Dr Claire Hepper will join Dr Rod Stobart in mid-October.

Growing the team
From February next year we will continue to grow the team of doctors at Menssana in addition to Dr Claire and Dr Rod. This will enable us to carry forward the Menssana vision and enhance the number and type of services we can offer.

From February 2016 more GPs will join our team. Together they will continue the vision Chris and I worked hard to create. Sadly, for all of us, his untimely and tragic death means he will not be here to see his dream continue.

If you have been a long-term patient of Dr Chris, there is always the danger of measuring every doctor you meet against your experience of him. No one person will ever possess the exact combination of talents, interests and characteristics he had. However, these new doctors will bring their own special interests to our practice and I’m sure you will find one with whom you can build a good rapport:

• Dr Claire Hepper has a passion for palliative care (caring for people with a life-limiting illness and for their families) and is proficient in sleep apnoea, joint injections, women’s health and mental health.

• Dr Rod Stobart’s areas of expertise include men’s health, nutritional medicine, skin checks, minor surgical procedures, and hypnotherapy.
Soni, owner & practice manager

Together with other experienced practitioners (yet to be announced) they will make up the team that will continue to deliver the same quality services to you that Menssana Mindbody Medicine has always striven to be known for.

Above all, we are committed to continuing Dr Chris Millar’s legacy of treating the whole person – body and mind.


  1. wow! two drs, that is great news. is dr claire the dr from the womens clinic? if so she will be a fabulous addition.
    as like all of you i have missed chris a lot. dr rod is great, and im sure you will continue to select more great drs to care for us. i am off to america in december for 2 years. i can imagine the changes that will occur whilst i am gone. i will look forward to coming back to this practice. carry on chris's dream soni, i know you will do well. deb weaver

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Deb. Yes, Dr Claire will be a great asset to our practice.All the best with your sojourn to the US. Soni