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Mindfully tuning into your emotions

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Mindfully tuning into your emotions

Our emotions can trip us up...

Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine is excited to announce a special workshop on mindfully tuning into your emotions.

Presented by Dr Chris Walsh, a mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years, the workshop  will provide participants with techniques that will include:
  • the mindful check-in
  • urge-surfing
  • thought labelling
  • mindfully sitting with an emotion.

Dr Chris Walsh said: Through mindfulness, we can become more aware of our emotions and the processes that distort them. Then we become better able to manage them.”

“Awareness of our emotional state allows us to consider the situation before responding,” Dr Walsh said.

“Most of us have experienced times when our emotions have betrayed us. We can find ourselves getting upset for trivial reasons that don't seem to make sense. If we are unaware of an emotional state, we react in an automatic-pilot way,” he said.

“This workshop will help you understand the process of mindfully tuning into your emotions and letting go of distortions so that your emotions can function adaptively,” Dr Walsh said.

Our emotions are efficient and adaptive... most of the time

“I work with small groups of people in a non-confrontational way, making them feel confident about their unique qualities and character and using this information to help them reflect on their personal limitations, without being judgmental,” Dr Walsh continued.

To help with your interpersonal interactions there will be an emphasis on practising these techniques in social settings.

The Chris Millar Foundation is delighted that Dr Walsh is presenting his mindfulness program here in Ballarat. 
Dr Walsh has an international reputation and has presented his workshops in the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Japan. 

In recent years, mindfulness has become a well-known tool to counter the incessant stress of modern life. This workshop offers a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge of how to apply mindfulness to your daily life.

Date:                          Sunday 12 August 2018

Venue:                       Ballarat Library Meeting Room
                                 178 Doveton Street North, Ballarat

Time:                         10.00am – 4.00pm

Cost:                          $95 members (+ booking fee)

                                  $110 non-members (+ booking fee)

Tickets:                      CLICK HERE

This workshop is hosted by the Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine. One of the Foundation’s aims is to sponsor speakers and events to promote integrative medicine to medical practitioners and the general public. The proceeds from this workshop will go to the Foundation.

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